Builder/Remodeler Requirements

Minimum criteria is required for Builder and Remodelor members who wish to become Registered Builders/Remodelors from the Home Builders Association of Owensboro.

A builder/remodeler member must meet the following minimum criteria for becoming a Registered Builder/Remodelor.

  1. Provide satisfactory credit information, satisfactory references from six (6) major suppliers and satisfactory credit information from local banking institution.
  2. Have two (2) Registered Builder/Remodelor members as sponsors; said sponsor must have knowledge of applicants performance history.
  3. Must be in the construction business in his or her own company name or corporate name for a period of not less than two (2) years.
  4. Provide satisfactory references of the successful completion of a minimum of six (6) significant residential building or remodeling projects. Six projects must be the last six completed construction or remodeling projects.
  5. Principal occupation is the building or remodeling of dwelling units as determined by the Registered Builder/Remodelor Committee.
  6. Provide evidence on an annual basis that builder or remodeler operates in compliance with all applicable laws, codes, regulations, including but not limited to maintenance of Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability Insurance in reasonable and appropriate amounts ( at least $250,000).
  7. The builder or remodeler agrees to comply with the Code of Ethics (attached), the By-Laws of the Home Builders Association of Owensboro and to conciliate disputes between the builder or remodeler and the customer/owner.
  8. Issue at least a one (1) year written limited warranty and a written contract to the customer/owner.
  9. New applicants must sign an agreement that they will abide by the rules and regulations of the Registered Builder/Remodelor Program as contained herein or as subsequently modified; abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Home Builders; and abide by the decisions of the Registered Builder/Remodelor Committee.
  10. Upon attaining Registered Builder/Remodelor status, member must complete six hours annually of educational seminars sponsored by either state, local or national association or other approved building related seminars over a two year period – and every year of his membership. The HBA of Owensboro allows two credits each for attending the National Home Builders Convention and the Kentucky Home Builder Convention.
  11. To maintain Registered Builder/Remodelor status, member must attend no less than 60% of the monthly membership meetings per year.
  12. Prospective members must agree to meet with the Registered Builder/Remodelor Committee for an interview.

Registered Builder/Remodelor must be actively building or remodeling. In the event the builder/remodeler shall become inactive, they shall be classified as inactive and shall no longer have the privilege of using the RB/R logo, materials and advertising. until such time as they are reviewed and classified active by the RB/R Committee. If in the event the RB/RR remains inactive for one (1) year, his membership will not be renewed but he has the option to change his classification to Associate Member under another occupation and membership.

Inactive members will not be required to carry liability and worker’s comp insurance until such time as they once again become active.

Inactive members must attend 40% of the monthly membership meetings and continue to obtain the required education credits.